Approximately 5 years ago I was invited to attend a friend’s church.  I had told her I was trying to find a church home.  I knew there had to be more than going in on a Sunday morning, listening to a 15 minute message, singing a few songs, and heading out the door to find myself wavering by the middle of the week.

What I found when I entered in was the bible coming to life before my eyes!  I witnessed someone for the first time with the joy of the Lord, saw another gaining Godly wisdom, and yet another dancing before the Lord like David did!  How could this be that I had never experienced that in the several churches I had attended throughout my life?

I found myself desiring what they had.  I wanted it!  I listened as the Pastors taught profound truths from the bible (we were instructed to bring our own bible, read along with, and go home and study it for ourselves).  The adult Sunday school pastor shared how he heard the voice of God and gave me suggestions on how to listen for His voice.  And I found his words to be true and soon after began to hear from God myself!

And the truth is, God is desiring to talk to each of us! His Word says He is not a respecter of persons. He desires to walk with us even now while we’re on the earth. And my life is forever changed because I responded to His voice!