No More “If only…”

Up til where I gave my life to Christ Jesus, I lived most of my life full of “If only…”.   If only I was kinder and more compassionate with my younger sister in her earlier years I could have strengthened her and helped my mom more.  My sister had heart problems all her life. As a child I was self-centered and remember being jealous that Diane at times received gifts from relatives who would visit. To me at least, Diane was just someone who preferred to rock in a chair listening to music rather than being outside with my brothers and me. That is a huge “If only…” in my life.

Most of us have lived with “If only…” moments.  As a teenager, if only I was an adult, then I could do what I want.  If only I had a different job.  If only I was married.  If only my kids were grown.  Or in Diane’s case, “If only I could have kids.”  Look around, you are surrounded by people who are looking for something but not realizing the answer to “If only…” is God!  We are part of a culture that is never satisfied in the flesh.  We tend to want more:  a bigger house, a bigger paycheck, a new vehicle, a promotion, better clothes, better health.

When you’re stuck in traffic, throw out the “If only we left sooner…”   The “If only…” is a deception by the enemy setting into motion his desire to steal your joy.  Change your focus to Jesus!  When you purpose in your heart instead to be thankful for what you have, you are filled with the joy of the Lord, everything looks different.  We’re given a “new” set of eyes.  When stuck in traffic, we get a chance to glance around look at the beauty of the skies above, the love being shared as the old man walks his feeble body around the car in the parking lot across the street to open the car door for his aging bride, or see the wind blow through the tall trees, making them dance in the breeze.   It’s there, He’s there, all around us.  Throw the “If only…” out the window!  Cast out your cares, your troubles and desires of the world.  Look up to God and thank Him for what He alone has given you.    Thank Jesus for paying the price of your sin debt, having taken your place, and the place of your loved ones, on the cross. We deserved death, but God made a way through his Son that we be reconciled.

Thank you gracious father that you sent your only Son to come down to this world to teach us how we should live life and for His perfect sacrifice that bridged heaven and earth.  Through Jesus we have hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity.  Thank you that we can learn from our mistakes of yesterday but we don’t have to live there.  In Jesus most precious name.  Amen.



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