When God Heals

It’s been two days since my sister has left.  She lives in northern California and I live in Iowa.  The last time we were together was three years ago visiting our mom in Michigan.  I don’t recall that we were ever close even though we were only four years apart.  I remember her as being angry and I did what I could to drive her crazy as we were growing up.    I would try to be nice for a couple of days up at Mom’s and after that we seemed to regress into teenagers, or at least I did.

Now both in our 50s, and Mom in her mid 70s, my sister was stopping in Iowa for four days before going onto Michigan.  I knew my sister attended church, but I wasn’t sure if she had a relationship with God. I found myself praying a few days before she arrived, “Daddy, give me patience and love in my heart for my sister.”  Looking back, I realize I was continually inviting God to do a work within me.  I yearned for a relationship with her but had never wanted to put forth the effort.  But that was before God came into our time together.

I found that the little things that used to set  me off, with remaining close to the Holy Spirit, He would tell me “Renew your thoughts.”, “Take that thought captive.”, “Speak life, not death.”  And those gentle reminders from the Holy Spirit allowed me to do just that, and I stayed in His peace, His joy, His patience and we found healing in the process.

I learned that my sister had a couple of traumatic experiences which caused a lot of her pain and anger.  I wonder if I had just asked what was wrong, maybe we wouldn’t have had all those lost years.  But nevertheless, I won’t go into self-condemnation about the past.  God was here with us!  God is for us.  He promised to never leave us nor forsake us!  And just as Jesus did on the cross, He healed us both.   He healed our hearts and I have the surety of faith knowing she will one day be with me in eternity with our God.

God can heal in ways we’re not even expecting.  He’s that big, He’s that loving, He’s that forgiving, and He alone is my God.  Allow Holy Spirit into your hurting relationships and let Him lead.  Romans 2:11 KJV says “For there is no respect of persons with God.”  What God will do for me, He will do for others.  He longs to bring healing in every way.

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